Encompassing everything from food & drink, cosmetics, cleaning & personal hygiene to fashion, healthcare and fuel, the consumer goods industry is vast. Stable, diverse, challenging and high profile, this sector has a wide range of job categories like sales, supply chain, finance, marketing, operations, purchasing, human resources, product development and general management.We understand the differences between premium and luxury, on and off trade, chilled and ambient, high street and high end and this means we find you people that will immediately understand your business.

Our team of specialists having worked for several years in the FMCG industry understand the sector from your perspective and can help you hire the right people. Our main markets include India, Switzerland, USA, France and UK.

The roles that we are currently recruiting for include:

Sales & Marketing
Corporate Communication
Brand Management
Warehouse Staff
Floor Managers
Retail Outlet Staff
Supply Chain
Account Managers